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 Keg Purchase Procedure ...

Keg Availability:  We have on hand the most common brands.  We will need a 24 hour notice to order kegs not in stock.  Keg prices are at the sales counter.

Taps:  We sell an economy tap for $29.99.  Taps can also be loaned for a $40 deposit held on file.  There is a non-refundable $10 tap fee on the loaners.

Keg/Tap Deposit:  There is a $30.00 deposit for the keg and a $40.00 deposit for the tap if required.  Cash only will be held for the deposits.  The keg or tap must be returned within 30 days unless other arrangements are made with the management.

Keg Paperwork:  There is a keg agreement paperwork to be filled out.  This paperwork is at the sales counter or can be downloaded here.  If you bring the completed form with you, it will save time when you pick up your keg.  A valid ID is needed to purchase a keg.

Keg Returns:  When returning the keg and tap please bring in your ID so we don't have any problems with someone else getting your deposit.  It is best to return the keg/tap on Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM when the manager is at the store because the deposit is locked up.  Otherwise please call ahead so that the deposit can be left at the front desk.

Tap prices, fees and deposits are subject to change and without notice on this site.


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